How do I order my Repeat Prescription?

Repeat Medication can be ordered:

  • Online via Patient Access.
  • Online by completing our Repeat Prescription Requests form.
  • By Post – Send it to us. We will then send your prescription electronically to your nominated pharmacy.
  • In person/post – In order to reduce unnecessary footfall through the practice at this time only use this option if no other is suitable. Please bring the tear off slip attached to your last prescription to the surgery, ticking the item(s) you require. Written requests are also accepted if you have mislaid the slip.
  • Prescription Collection Service -Pharmacies offer a repeat prescription service, although some restrict this service to certain vulnerable groups, and will order your medication on your behalf.
    • Please be aware this service is only for medication that the GP has listed as suitable for repeat use and all medication must be reviewed annually. Please make a request for a medication review via the website. If a review is overdue we may not be able to issue your medication until this has been undertaken.

Please use the General Medication question form for any medication related query which is under the prescriptions and medicines centre tab.

Please allow at least 3 days for your medication request to be dealt with and sent to the pharmacy, this does not include the time your pharmacy takes to dispense the medication.

Electronic Prescription Service

All prescriptions are sent by the NHS Electronic Prescription service (EPS) to a nominated pharmacy. This can be a local pharmacy or deliver service pharmacy.

This method is extremely safe and efficient; the prescription can be tracked and cannot be lost. A pharmacy can redirect the prescription to another pharmacy if required.

Please inform us of your nominated pharmacy via the website (add link) or on line prescription service. You can change it whenever you wish.

We are hoping to move to Repeat dispensing EPS in the near future for those stable on regular medication, which will mean that you no longer have to request the prescription from the practice, the pharmacy will essentially ‘hold’ a 12 month prescription for you.

Medication Reviews

Everyone on regular medication requires a review of all their medication annually. Often this is incorporated into an annual review for those with Long-term Health Conditions

For those who do not have a formal annual review please complete our medication review form. Sometimes we can review your medication virtually and will reply by text or via the website, if we need to see you or speak to you, we will contact you.

Medication reviews are undertaken by our practice pharmacist as well as the result of our Medical Team.

Prescriptions Charges and Exemptions

The NHS prescription charge is a flat-rate amount which is payable per item to the pharmacist. There are some exemptions.

Prescription prepayment certificates (PPCs) offer savings for people who need extensive medication and can be purchased on line or from a pharmacy

Prescription exemption certificates for those with certain medical conditions or during pregnancy can be requested from the practice or your midwife. Please send a request via the website.

Exemption certificates for non-medical reason are not supplied by the practice

For more information on Prescriptions Charges and Exemptions view the NHS website.