Clinics and Services

All our appointments and services can be accessed via the website

General GP appointments are not bookable in advance, we can  undertake consultations via email, phone, video or face to face. We aim to deal with your concern or problem on the day you contact us, so please ensure you only contact us on a day you are available.

Nurse appointments, annual reviews and some specialised services, such as contraceptive procedures, are bookable in advance.

In addition to general medical consultations we are pleased to be able to provide specialist clinics and services covering the following areas.

Annual Review

Anyone with a Chronic Longterm condition that requires regular medication ( such as Asthma, ADHD,  diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Chronic kidney Disease, COPD , Ischaemic Heart Disease, some mental health conditions, Peripheral Vascular Disease,Rheumatoid Arthritis, a history of Stroke or TIA and Thyroid Disease) will be offered an annual review of their condition, often including blood tests. This can be booked via the website but we will send you an invitation via text when it is due.


Midwifes from Ashford & St Peter’s NHS FoundationTrust run clinics at both Southview & Westfield Surgeries. Appointments can be booked here. See Maternity Services on the website for more details and how to book your pregnancy. Postnatal appointments should be made with a GP approximately 6 weeks after  the birth of your child.


Our HCAs provide a near site testing INR Star clinic for those well controlled on warfarin, and will take blood for those under the hospital based anticoagulation clinic.

Asthma / COPD

This is run by our Practice Nurse with support from a GP. This is an annual review and an initial review can be undertaken via the website, if this is satisfactory a face to face review may not be required.

If you have been advised by the surgery to submit an annual review of your asthma symptoms please use our Asthma review form. If your symptoms are deteriorating or you are having any concerns please make an appointment with our nurse.

Blood Pressure

Our practice team provide an  annual review for those on medication for High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) .We also have 24 hour Blood Pressure  monitors which can be used when clinically indicated. There is a blood pressure machine in our Westfield Waiting room where you can attend without an appointment to check your blood pressure. Please hand the result to reception with your name and date of birth clearly recorded.

Blood Tests

We run clinics daily. All tests must be requested by a clinician (GP or Hospital) before attending for a blood test. Please contact us via the website to book appointments or enquire. Please include your availability in your request so we can book a suitable appointment time. All appointments are before 14:00 as the samples have to collected and transported to the hospital.

Cervical Smears

This is provided by our practice nurse and can be requested via the website. The National Screening Programme is for 25 – 60 year olds. Please request an appointment when you receive your letter from the National Screening programme or when requested by the hospital Colposcopy service. Smears can not be done on the NHS unless they are part of this programme.

Child Health

Details for health visitor run drop in clinics can be found at The Health visitor will undertake a 6 week check for your baby. You will be sent an 8 week appointment by the practice for your baby’s first physical &  developmental check by a GP, followed by their first immunisations with the practice nurse. Future immunisation appointments are booked at the practice.


If you have received a letter for childhood immunisations or have a query please contact us via the website. We offer all childhood vaccinations, as well as influenza, pneumococcal, meningitis & shingles in line with NHS Policy.

Contraceptive Services

We offer a full contraceptive service. We fit all types of contraceptive coils ( Drs Baker & Singam), contraceptive Implants ( Drs Baker Singham & Benham), injections and all types of oral contraception. If you are interested please contact us via the website.


There are many types of counselling available on the NHS and they do not require a GP referral. Please see

For those aged 12-24 years


We offer a full diabetic service, from supporting and monitoring those with prediabetes to insulin initiation and monitoring. This service is overseen by Dr Akbar.

Ear Irrigation

We offer an ear irrigation service for the removal of ear wax

Learning Disability Annual Review

Booked with our practice nurse.

Medication review

This is offered by our practice pharmacist or GP and can be booked via the website. Anyone on regular medication should  undergo an annual review of their medication.

Mental Health Annual Review

This is recommended for anyone with sever mental illness, it can be  booked via the website but we will invite you as well. Often a blood test is required before the assessment.

Minor Surgery

For non-cosmetic skin lesions that meet NHS criteria for removal, under local anaesthetic.

New Patient Health Checks

We invite all new patients to book a Health Check with our Nursing Team as soon as possible after registering.

NHS Health Check

For anyone age 40-74 years of age who does not have a pre existing medical condition (such as diabetes, hypertension etc).

Smoking Cessation

This service is run by our qualified HCA, please contact us via the website to arrange an appointment

Travel Health

We provide NHS funded vaccinations  (Tetanus, Chloera ***)but please contact a private clinic for a full assessment

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